Duirwaighs and Dreamfields: A True Fairy Tale

  • Angi is Writing a Book!
    Duirwaighs and Dreamfields
    If you love the inspiraiton on this site...
    If you believe in fairies and their tales...
    If you long for a home half remembered yet wholly adored...
    If you wish to wander a field where Dreams Come True...
    You must read Duirwaighs and Dreamfileds: A True Fairy Tale! The true life story of a muse and her passage through the Duirwaigh of True Dreaming. Click the cover to read a sample excerpt...

JUiCy BiTs

  • Message from the Muse

    For years I have imagined a website devoted to Inspiration. Before launching a website, we're opening the duirs to a little experiment on typepad's blog site. If you're an artist, dreamer or seeker, stop by and let us know what you think. Help us champion the Muse's cause.
  • Guardian: Cemeteries and their Sentinels
    Have you seen our latest project? On a recent trip through the world of imagination, I stumbled across an old, forgotten graveyard. The sculptures, stones, moss, trees and leaves were alive, whispering the wisdom of ages. I hope the haunting beauty of their message shines through this film. We're working on a coffee table book of the guardians who allowed me to photograph them and the magic places they call home.
  • Goblin Design

    If you enjoy the world where fantasy meets design, you'll love Silas Toball's Goblin District. Check out the original fairy tale 'The Princess and the Star.'
  • Duirwaigh to Publish Tori Amos 2008 Calendar!

    IThe new 2007 Tori Amos charity calendar, benefitting RAINN, is on sale now. We're thrilled to announce the 2008 calendar will be a Duirwaigh project and will be filled entirely with Duirwaigh artists! Ain't that the bee's knees?

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