Duirwaighs and Dreamfields: A True Fairy Tale

  • Angi is Writing a Book!
    Duirwaighs and Dreamfields
    If you love the inspiraiton on this site...
    If you believe in fairies and their tales...
    If you long for a home half remembered yet wholly adored...
    If you wish to wander a field where Dreams Come True...
    You must read Duirwaighs and Dreamfileds: A True Fairy Tale! The true life story of a muse and her passage through the Duirwaigh of True Dreaming. Click the cover to read a sample excerpt...

JUiCy BiTs

  • Message from the Muse

    For years I have imagined a website devoted to Inspiration. Before launching a website, we're opening the duirs to a little experiment on typepad's blog site. If you're an artist, dreamer or seeker, stop by and let us know what you think. Help us champion the Muse's cause.
  • Guardian: Cemeteries and their Sentinels
    Have you seen our latest project? On a recent trip through the world of imagination, I stumbled across an old, forgotten graveyard. The sculptures, stones, moss, trees and leaves were alive, whispering the wisdom of ages. I hope the haunting beauty of their message shines through this film. We're working on a coffee table book of the guardians who allowed me to photograph them and the magic places they call home.
  • Goblin Design

    If you enjoy the world where fantasy meets design, you'll love Silas Toball's Goblin District. Check out the original fairy tale 'The Princess and the Star.'
  • Duirwaigh to Publish Tori Amos 2008 Calendar!

    IThe new 2007 Tori Amos charity calendar, benefitting RAINN, is on sale now. We're thrilled to announce the 2008 calendar will be a Duirwaigh project and will be filled entirely with Duirwaigh artists! Ain't that the bee's knees?

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The preview of the new website looks just stunning! And tomorrow will be the 1st of June, I'm literally dying to see the new site completed! Your work has been an inspiration for me all over the past few years. Thank you for anything!


I've watched both videos of your, reccommended in a discussion list I'm in. A Knock at the Duir is a fairy tale for itself, and brought me to tears - tears of joy. It's absolutely a knock at the door of our inner child realm. Your unofficial video about cemeteries sculptures is amazing - touching, beautiful and of great art taste.
Congratulations! :)




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