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  • Did you know I have a PERSONAL BLOG?
    Angi in Wonderland is my personal blog and where I let it all hang out. Gypsies, wanderers, bohemians, misfits, and Mad Hatters come join me for a cuppa tea and a game of hedgehog croquet! BYOF (Bring Your Own Flamingo!)

Inspirational Films I have Directed

  • A Knock at the Door
    Guardians FilmSeen by over 1,000,000 people and now a book/DVD, "A Knock at the Door" was my first flash film project. This film is about opening the door to your magical self and is dedicated to Inner Children everywhere.
  • The Heavens Rejoice
    Guardians Film We live in a world with constant distraction, but how often are we distracted by the joy around us instead of the suffering? Here's your chance to dip your feet into the world of wonder around you. When you notice your beauty, the Heaves Rejoice!
  • Guardian: Cemeteries and Their Sentinels
    Guardians Film
    This film contains photography I have taken in the most enchanted cemeteries in Europe. I will let them sing their own song, a haunted lullaby of hope for all who wander by.

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Duirwaighs and Dreamfields: A True Fairy Tale

  • Angi is Writing a Book!
    Duirwaighs and Dreamfields
    If you love the inspiraiton on this site...
    If you believe in fairies and their tales...
    If you long for a home half remembered yet wholly adored...
    If you wish to wander a field where Dreams Come True...
    You must read Duirwaighs and Dreamfileds: A True Fairy Tale! The true life story of a muse and her passage through the Duirwaigh of True Dreaming. Click the cover to read a sample excerpt...

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